Green Lantern Trail

The Green Lantern Trail mostly follows the shores of Silver Lake in South Everett, perfect for those looking to stretch their legs and experience the outdoors without having to leave the city. With a multitude of attractions including passing through three parks with water access, this trail is ready to please! Disc golfers, beach-goers, kids, birders, and fishermen alike may all find something here. Starting at Hauge Homestead Park you will find restrooms and docks including a floating rooftop boat launch. Please keep in mind there are no lifeguards on duty anywhere along this trail. There is also a picnic shelter and playground with a generously large grassy area for kids to get out their wiggles. Don’t let your little ones get too distracted–the bigger playground is at the end of your trail.

Follow the paved path toward the lake and past the docks. It will soon take you between the lake and the restaurant Emory’s. As you round Emory’s, you’ll see that the trail splits at the first of many interpretative signs. Head left, following the paved path along the shoreline passing picnic tables and piers giving you good views of the lake. It comes close to the road a couple of times, so make sure to have a close eye or hand on any small children. Around half a mile keep a lookout for a dirt trail on the left of the sidewalk and take it. This will lead you down into the Green Lantern Park and off the sidewalk for a little bit. With no amenities here, see how many different kinds of birds you can spot. Many have been seen frolicking around the lake, including the mallard, Double-Crested Cormorant, bufflehead, common merganser, Canada goose, american widgeon, american coot and bald eagle, to name a few. This dirt path will do a small loop and take you back up to the sidewalk where you will want to head left again.

Follow the sidewalk past more picnic tables, piers, and interpretative signs. Try to ignore the sounds of the cars rushing by, it will quiet down soon. At 0.8 miles, after a right turn in the sidewalk, you will find yourself at Silver Lake Road. Go left here and follow this road through a small neighborhood. Although the road is not often busy, there is no sidewalk so use caution. After a third of a mile, the road starts to veer right, look for a dirt trail going left away from the road. This is your trail. The trail will run between a chain-link fence and a park and ride, leading you to the entrance of Thornton A. Sullivan Park and your destination. This park is much larger than the Hauge Homestead Park and is complete with, docks, restrooms, picnic tables, outdoor table tennis tables, a large playground, a sandy beach, a nine-hole disc golf course, and more trails.

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