Hibulb Cultural Center

Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve is a one-of-a-type museum facility that goals to train the general public approximately the records, traditions, and ideals of the Tulalip tribes. These people, who’re the successors to a collection of tribes that signed the Treaty of Point Elliott, make their domestic on a 22,000-acre reservation north of Everett.

The cultural middle itself covers 50 acres of territory and its famous spotlight the lands traditionally settled via way of means of the Tulalip people, their reverence for the cedar tree, and the bases of a lot of their non secular values. The museum`s Canoe Hall consists of archaeological artifacts and canoes from at some point of the records of the tribes.

Whether you pick a self-guided or institution tour, you’ll have the possibility to revel in the adventure of the Tulalip people. You will find out about conventional territories, the significance of the cedar trees, seven fee stories, and seasonal lifeways. As you stroll via the Canoe Hall you’ll revel in homelands from the mountains to Tulalip Bay. Featured with inside the Canoe Hall are anciental canoes and archaeology from diverse sites at some point of Snohomish County.

Among the numerous facilities of the Cultural Center, there are 50 acres of forests and wetlands, a studies library, collections facility that may be a CFR element seventy nine licensed archaeological repository, training applications. Come and enjoy the heritage and culture.

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