Imagine Children’s Museum

The Imagine Children’s Museum is a highly rated children’s museum that focuses on supporting child development through both guided and free play. The museum was founded in 1991 as part of a local effort to create a space where children and families could play and learn with one another. Hands-on exhibits for kids 12 & under, plus a water-play area & rooftop playground.

The roof of the museum is also arranged for fun, with paleontology and music to be enjoyed, weather permitting. Every child and every family deserves to play Imagine Together. Free admission nights and discounted membership are just some of the ways we work to ensure all families have a chance to share in the fun. They strive to enrich the community by acting as a resource for schools, family service organizations, and other local nonprofits who share the same goal of improving lives. of children.

Free and guided play promotes children’s social and academic development. At the Children’s Fantasy Museum, they celebrate the power of play: learning and growing doing what every child loves to do best. Timely interactive exhibits and activities encourage children (112 years old) and their families to role-play, experiment, splash, mirror, roam and create together in one place where they can feel safe both physically and emotionally. The Children’s Imaginary Museum is designed as an activity center for children aged one to twelve, with more than 20 exhibits. Several exhibits reflect life in Snohomish County, including a child-sized airplane cockpit, a bus donated by Everett Transit, and a theater stage. The roof of the museum was converted into an outdoor playground in 2005, including a two-story wooden tower, a climbing wall and other play areas.

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