North Creek Park Boardwalk

This watershed hike offers water crossings, swaying bridges, beautiful views close to Bothell, and birds galore! North Creek originates in South Everett and flows 12.6 miles southward through this park before draining into the Sammamish River near Bothell. Built as a floating boardwalk, the trail was created by using plastic foam floats installed under decking, allowing explorers to walk through a marsh without getting their feet wet.

This expansive wetland is located in an urban area. The sensitive wildlife habitat and diverse plant community serves multiple functions of flood control. The network of boardwalks and trails provides excellent opportunities for bird watching and appreciating the ecosystem. As you explore this lush wetland, keep an eye out for hawks, eagles, ducks, geese, hummingbirds, wrens, even woodpeckers. The winding course gives hikers solitude, and the flat grade makes it perfect for little feet. From the north end of the North Creek Park Boardwalk, it is possible to continue on the North Creek Trail all the way to McCollum Park, about 2.5 miles from the edge of the North Creek Park Boardwalk.

Access to the North Creek Boardwalk is from 183rd Street Southeast in Mill Creek. The park at the trailhead has a nice playground by the parking lot and also has several picnic tables that overlook the wetlands. The property was originally owned by the Bailey family, historic homesteaders. The county parks department and surface water management targeted the site as a regional stormwater detention facility. The site was later developed with an interpretive boardwalk.

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